We all love to see appreciating our work and having an audience to hear about our work and make us proud of our efforts. There was a time when students used to be taught with old fashioned ways and classes used to be tutor centred. Students had to learn only those things which their tutors used to teach them and used to instruct them to study. Here if their luck was good then they could get good tutors and if they had bad luck then they had to bear such boring tutors which were of no use at all. But time changed and as time passed by the whole education system got changed and now online education has controlled the education sector of the whole world. This also changed the perception of the tutor of tutoring the student, now they have started to pay more attention and focus on the students and their performances and now the students have also changed their style pf learning in a dumb style. Now students are also exploring their potential. School managements also changed their working styles and adopted new and innovative tools like school ERP and school information management system. Along with all these changes a new perception regarding the hard work of the students came into existence and that is to share the good work of students among public and people outside the school also to appreciate and to praise the efforts of the students and make them feel worthy.

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This sharing of the good work of the students is done with the help of the exhibitions, art galleries, conferences and presentations, where students also get the chance to share their hard work and efforts in the form of art-work, new scientific inventions and creative works in different fields. This process of sharing the work of the students benefits the students in many such ways which we can’t even imagine at all. As various innovative technically sound tools like school ERP and school information management system, help the whole school management; in the same way sharing the works done by the students help them to grow in their creativity and confidence level to do something new and innovative on their own. Due to this process students always get engaged in doing something creative and innovative and they don’t waste their time on useless things. Students get motivated to invent something new and to perform their best. Due to this process when students get recognition everywhere and everyone appreciates them, they become full of confidence and this confidence always boosts them up to do something good. Students are also human and they also like to have an audience of their own. When such exhibitions are organized and then people who are fans of certain students, they always search them for their new inventions and this situation is loved by every student.

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Students always take themselves as underrated because they don’t get appraisal or appreciation from their elders. Often, they have to hear that they don’t have wisdom and intelligence. That is why they get poor marks but nobody supports them in their natural talent, in which they are experts. Some can sing, some can paint, some can write poems and some can invent something very incredible but they are burdened with expectations of their tutors and parents and that is why such sharing of their incredible work programs are necessary and essential. In such sharing programs people not only appreciate their good work but they recognize them as intelligent people who know his/her responsibilities towards society that is why they created such an invention. Due to this, students get the chance to understand their value, they come to know that their recognition can bring the revolution of change in the society. They come to understand that though they are mere students still they are so creative that their work is not only authentic but also it contains sustainability and high quality and this confidence makes them inventor of many such inventions and innovative works which benefit the society in many means. Students come to understand that what they do has some meaning and it is real. They come to recognize their own value which usually students come to understand when they come in a job or profession.

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