English is a widely used language for communication all over the world. Starting from academics, to understand the course subjects, appear for exams, submit homework and interact with teachers, English understanding, usage, and speaking are important for all students. Secondly, to crack the job interviews, work in the best companies, crack the deals with clients, form strong interpersonal relations and for overall professional development, English speaking is necessary.


English speaking skills cannot be grown in a short period. Using it from an early age in everyday life plays a significant role. All teachers must take effective steps to foster the English speaking skills of students. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow to make the students active English speakers.

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Tips for teachers to enhance the English speaking skills of students


  1. Ask students to come to the classes regularly


English is a language that holds no boundaries. There is no fixed syllabus that can be memorized. English speaking skills cannot be grown overnight. The more you practice, the better command you hold of the language.  Therefore, attending the classes regularly is important. When students attend the school regularly, they will be a part of all the learning activities.


Seeing their teachers speaking in English, having school assemblies, competitions, etc all work to enhance students’ English speaking skills. Using attendance management software, teachers must maintain students’ attendance records. The ones whom you find frequently absent, talk to them and ask for valid reasons.

  1. Communicate with students in English only
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One of the ways by which teachers can enhance students’ English is by communicating with them in this language only. Ask your students to actively listen to the teachers. When they will see and listen to teachers speaking in English, they will become familiar with the language. They will learn the right grammar usage, pronunciation, and vocabulary. This will surely help to boost students’ English speaking skills. For example, for giving instructions, explaining the lessons, or having general discussions, keep English the mode of communication only.

  1. Make them read aloud


When students will read aloud in the class, their confidence in speaking in English will be enhanced. Also, they will become familiar with new words, phrases, idioms, and more. This will build students’ vocabulary and English understanding. With reading, students will learn the right pronunciation of the words too. This will surely help to make students active English speakers

  1. Have participatory activities
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The teacher-centered approach to teaching, which means coming to a class, continuously explaining the topic, and making students sit as mere listeners won’t work to make them active English speakers. To meet your purpose, Teachers should avoid a teacher-centered approach to teaching. Try to involve your students as much as possible in the class. Using a school ERP, teachers should plan to conduct different participatory activities in the class. The more the students will participate the better will be their English speaking skills. Some of the activities that can be conducted in this regard are

  • Group discussions


  • Recitations


  • Debates


  • Cultural events
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  • Competitions


  1. Develop a safe and secure class environment


Many students have a fear of speaking in English. They feel that if they speak something incorrectly, or stammer, they might be judged or scolded by the teachers or joked off by their batchmates. To overcome these problems, teachers must-win students’ trust and make them feel safe in the class. Set disciplinary rules such as mutual respect, not interrupting that one is speaking, etc. Ask students to follow these rules and stay positive.


  1. Use technology


For years we have seen teachers giving lengthy handwritten assignments and homework for students to make. This is not very effective and doesn’t enhance students’ English skills. Teachers should avoid these conventional teaching methods and must switch to technology. For example, you can give a student a topic, and ask them to prepare audio or a video explaining the given topic in detail. This video and audio recording process will surely enhance students’ English speaking skills. Set deadlines and make sure that students submit the given tasks timely.

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In today’s competitive world, English speaking is the need of the hour. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can make students active and confident English speakers. This will ensure students’ academic, social, and professional growth and development respectively.


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