People often use the words “medium” and “psychic” interchangeably. Some people are also psychic mediums, further confusing the issue. However, there is a difference between mediums who speak with your loved ones in spirit and clairvoyant psychics who use their senses to give you guidance as you move forward in your life.

Psychics Use The Past to Help Determine The Future

Psychics rely on their “clairs” to help them do readings on you. These include the following:

  • Clairvoyance — clear seeing
  • Clairaudience — clear hearing
  • Clairsentience — clear feeling
  • Claircognizance — clear knowing
  • Clairgustance — clear tasting
  • Clairalience — clear hearing
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Psychics can specialize in different areas. One may give you a love psychic reading while another can give you an astrology psychic reading. One could give you a money psychic reading, and another might give you a career psychic reading. Other specialties include destiny psychics, clairvoyant psychics, inspirational psychics, pet psychics, psychic mediums, and spiritual psychics.

Psychics can also give you past life readings, providing you with an idea of who you’ve been before and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. That can give them insight into what you’re dealing with now and the issues that may crop up in your future. If you haven’t learned the lesson yet through your past lives, you may be forced to learn it in this life.

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Guidance and Direction

Mediums, on the other hand, talk to those people who have passed away and are now in the spirit world. You can find mediums online as well as in-person near you. They share the guidance and direction your loved ones have to offer. Even if you didn’t know your ancestors in life, they can still provide insight because they can watch over you and know what’s going on in your life.

If there’s a certain person who’s passed away that you want to hear from, a good medium may be able to connect with that person in spirit for you. However, there’s no guarantee; speaking with those on the other side of the veil isn’t an exact science, and sometimes people just don’t want to talk.

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Psychics also offer direction and guidance, they just use different means to find the guidance and direction that’s best for you. They may use their clairs, or they may use tools such as tarot cards, astrological charts, runes, or crystal balls to aid them in finding the best information to help in your life.

Psychics and mediums both use their gifts for the betterment of those they serve. Unfortunately, there are many hucksters, scammers, and frauds out there pretending to be psychics or mediums just to take your money. To avoid them, make sure you read reviews of psychics and mediums online, ask friends for referrals, or use a reputable website to speak with a psychic or medium.

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Mediums and psychics are often confused with each other because both deal in information most people would have no access to. However, both groups want to help you move forward in your life with the best possible information from their intuition or from your loved ones in spirit. Each has a place in doing that, and each may be helpful in different ways in your life.


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