Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and with it comes a plethora of TV shows to fall in love with on Netflix.

The recurrence of COVID cases leaving us socially isolated can be upsetting, but based on February’s entertainment offerings, this doesn’t appear to be a bad month at all.

There are plenty of other things to watch on Netflix—we’ve got lists of the best series on Netflix if you’re in the mood for a good scare, best romantic movies on Netflix if you’re in the mood for love.

You can even download these series options from the pirate bay if you don’t have Netflix subscriptions.

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Top Series To Watch On Netflix

The massive success of a slew of hit South Korean series in recent years has been one of the most exciting developments in the Netflix catalog, with Squid Game being the streamer’s biggest ever show last year. Let’s find the best series options to watch on Netflix.

1: All Of Us Are Dead

This lethal coming-of-age zombie drama follows a group of students as they seek to engineer an escape from their high school – which has become ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak – is the latest South Korean series to debut on Netflix.

There are lots of thrills and chills throughout the 12 episodes and plenty of emotional moments owing to some superb character work.

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It’s not for the faint of heart, as there’s plenty of blood and gore on display throughout, but if you can stomach the gore, this should be another wildly compelling series.

2: Love Is Blind

This Netflix reality hit series is extremely interesting because you usually like to view your dates before dating them.

This social experiment is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, in which unmarried men and women hunt for love and even get engaged before meeting in person.

Would a person’s ideal personality take precedence over your physical preferences?

Season 1 of the wacky whirlwind is available on Netflix now if you missed it.

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3: Too Hot To Handle

You might be suspicious of this one based on the trailer. Still, it turns out that witnessing many attractive individuals struggle with their libidos is more amusing than we anticipated.

The sizzling reality show follows ten beautiful singles forced to live together under one condition.

They must complete a $100,000 celibacy challenge, with any infractions resulting in a loss of prize money.

4: Snowpiercer

This TV version of Bong Joon-brilliantly ho’s wacky sci-fi film of the same name is currently in its third season, with new episodes airing weekly throughout the first half of 2022.

The already impressive ensemble has been reinforced by the additions of Sean Bean and Archie Panjabi after the first season, and the show has now strayed significantly from the source material.

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The majority of the action takes place on a train that orbits the Earth indefinitely following a horrific climatic disaster that has rendered the entire planet frozen over and uninhabitable.

5: Stay Close

Cush Jumbo plays Megan in this ambitious Harlan Coben adaption on Netflix. The story revolves around a small group of people who have dark secrets.

Three lives will be permanently changed when some unexpected news is revealed. Jumbo’s character hides her past as Cassie, but as her past catches up with her, she discovers that her life is in jeopardy.

In addition to Jimmy Nesbitt and Richard Armitage, the eight-part series features a who’s who of British acting royalty.

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6: Lost In Space

This Netflix sci-fi offering may have gone unnoticed since it didn’t receive the same kind of attention as some of the streamer’s other blockbuster originals.

However, now is the ideal moment to catch up, as the third and final season has just premiered, garnering critical praise and bringing the tale to a satisfying conclusion.

That means there’s no need to worry about the program being abruptly canceled, leaving important plot strands unsolved, as has happened to many other cult favorites in the past.

As the title suggests, Toby Stephens and Molly Parker star as a couple who embark on a colonization mission with their children that quickly goes awry, leaving them stranded in space.

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7: Queer Eye

This dynamic, intelligent reality series, a revival of the ’90s original LGBT Eye for the Straight Guy, follows five queer guys as they help people of all genders improve their lives.

The five stars have developed into personalities in their own right, and watching them interact on-screen is one of the show’s highlights.

Seeing how they aid and encourage the individuals they work with will warm even the coldest hearts is something to watch.


The zombie thriller All Of Us Are Dead, one of the most significant new shows launched on the platform so far in 2022, is the latest South Korean drama to make a worldwide stir. But, we have listed plenty of others in this list, too, so that you can start your watchlist right away. For further information, reach us in the comment box.

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