Saveig is a simple online Instagram downloader that allows you to save photos, IGTV films, and videos from Instagram to your device. Begin the download by selecting the desired post, clicking on the top-right menu, selecting “Copy Link,” and pasting the URL into the URL field, following which Saveig will provide you with the download link.

Top 10 Best Saveig Alternatives You Can Use In 2021

You can learn about saving alternatives in this post, which is detailed below.

You can use Saveig on any online browser on a PC, mobile device, or tablet. The website provides all of the instructions to help everyone learn the method and easily save the content from Instagram. It follows privacy guidelines and does not save media on its servers. It is also not necessary to register an account or install any software in order to utilise the tool.

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1.  Video Downloader For instagram

Video Downloader For Instagram is an excellent mobile app that allows you to save Instagram videos and photographs in seconds. You can use the programme to download Instagram content and repost it on Vine, Instagram’s timeline, and other social media. To download videos and photographs from personal Instagram accounts, you must first log in to your Instagram account. This programme allows you to swiftly manage your Instagram photographs and videos and generate a list of your favourite Instagram videos.

Users can save Instagram data or material in a folder that is not visible to other users. Video Downloader For Instagram App has unique features such as watching Instagram videos online, saving videos to watch later (offline), and managing downloaded Instagram photos/videos. It also includes capabilities such as creating a list of favourite videos, downloading Instagram stories/highlights, storing Instagram material in a folder, and many more. Furthermore, the app allows you to download high-quality Instagram highlights, stories, and videos.

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2.  IGTV

IGTV is an Instagram social application that develops features to assist consumers in seeing IGTV videos by their favourite content providers directly at their fingertips. The find area allows you to discover new content providers and videos to add to your following list.

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The app also has functions where you may enter your preferences to get IGTV videos based on your needs The built-in camera enables users to create brand-new IGTV films and immediately publish them to Instagram You can apply filters to newly captured films to alter them according to your needs.

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3.  Story Save– Story Downloader for Instagram.

Story Save– The Story Downloader for Instagram app allows you to download Instagram stories and highlights from your favourite Instagram content providers. Users can save high-resolution images and files to their cell phone’s internal storage.

The app includes functionalities that allow you to utilise the search box to enter the name of your favourite Instagrammer and easily download stories and highlights. You can view all of the stories and highlights by tapping on a profile. Users can use the file manager to manage their downloaded files and distribute them on other social media.

4.  Instant Save

The Instant Save app allows you to download movies and photos from Instagram and view them later, as well as repost them on Instagram directly from your phone. You do not need to add a watermark to photographs or videos in order to repost them on Instagram.

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Instantaneous Save– HD picture downloader for Instagram also creates features to assist users in copying and adding captions to their new images and videos in a range of styles. You can change current hashtags and add new ones to make your posts more popular without doing much.

5.  Story Saver for Instagram– Story Downloader

Story Saver for Instagram– The Story Downloader app has features that allow you to easily save and repost stories, posts, pictures, and IGTV videos. Its user interface contains a search box that allows you to look for certain profiles and posts. Using the bulk downloading options, you can download all of the material with a single click.

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You can download multimedia content to watch it while offline and share it with family and friends via other social media sites. It also allows users to access their Instagram account and download information from private Instagram profiles.

6.   Story Saver for Instagram– Story Assistant

Story Saver for Instagram– The Story Assistant app allows users to search for their favourite stories on Instagram and Facebook and save them to their phones so they can read them whether they are online or offline.

The app creates features to help you save your favourite Facebook or Instagram accounts to a bookmark list so you can visit them later. Before downloading, you can see films and photographs using a unique media gamer Users can bookmark stations as well as profiles to view them later.

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7.  Story Saver App– Stories & Highlights Downloader

Story Saver App – Highlights & Stories Downloader software includes features that allow you to check in to your Instagram and Facebook accounts so you can manage them both from one place. Users can download photographs and videos by tapping on the shape of their chosen Instagram material creators.

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This software includes features that allow you to quickly download your favourite videos and photographs in three simple steps. It also allows users to add and manage as many Instagram profiles as they wish.

8.  Super Save– Video Downloader for Instagram

Super Save– Video Downloader for Instagram is a social app that creates features to assist you in downloading high-quality images and videos from Instagram to your smartphone’s gallery. To download the IGTV content, you do not need to sign in to your Instagram account.

The software includes functionalities that allow you to either download photographs to your phone or save them to a bookmarks section for later viewing and downloading. Users may go to the downloads section to see and manage all of the downloaded photographs and movies right at their fingertips.

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9.  InstantSave Video & image downloader for Instagram

InstantSave Video & Image Downloader for Instagram is a Social-Save app that allows users to save movies and photographs from Instagram to their phone’s internal storage so they can watch them when offline. You may also share all of the downloaded information with family members via a variety of other social networking platforms.

The app includes features that allow you to browse comments made by other users on all of your posts so that you can respond and react to them. Users can save the profile photo in high definition by clicking the download icon.

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10.  in Grabber

Grabber is a programme that allows users to access their Instagram accounts in order to browse and save posts, stories, highlights, and IGTV videos. You can easily view captions and hashtags before downloading and sharing photographs and videos.

The app also includes features that allow you to download high-quality profile images of your favourite Instagram content providers. It also enables users to capture links to their favourite postings so that they can share them with their friends on many other social sites.


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