Located in California, Orange County is a popular destination drawing travelers from all over the planet. The city has several beautiful attractions, including spectacular beaches, museums, restaurants, and magical sunsets. Below is a collection of fun things to do while touring this part of California.

Visit Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City, ranks among the top 10 beaches in California. One of the most iconic features of the beach is the Huntington Beach Pier. It is one of the longest piers on the West Coast, stretching 1856 feet into the Pacific ocean. Taking a walk on the pier allows you to enjoy the incredible views of the coastline. Besides that, the pier offers the best vantage point for surfer-watching.

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Huntington Beach has mild weather, making it an ideal location for surfing. Over 50 surf competitions are held at the beach annually.

Soaking up in the sand, splashing in the water waves, surfing, fishing, taking a boat ride, and exploring the numerous resorts, shops, and restaurants are great ways to enjoy your time at the beach.

Visit Disneyland

It is impossible to visit Orange County without seeing Disneyland. It is a renowned landmark located in the heart of Anaheim. The theme park consists of two parks. The first park (with the Cinderella castle) was designed by Walt Disney back in 1955. The second park is the Disney California Adventure which was established in 2001 in the parking lot of the former Disney Resort.

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At Disneyland, you get the opportunity to satisfy your imagination and have fun. The amusement park features attractions from popular Disney films such as Aladdin and Cars.

You can enjoy numerous rides offered at the park and exquisite dining at the Disney hotels. Also, you can participate in drawing sessions at the Animation Academy at Hollywood Land and meet famous Pixar film characters.

Visit Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum is an ancient monument established in 1936 and exhibits Orange County’s finest arts and cultural history. It was initially known as Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum. In 1992 the museum underwent a massive transformation and was renamed Bowers Museum.

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Popular exhibits from the museum include works from Native Americans, Ancient China, and the Pacific Islands.

Go hiking at El Moro Canyon Loop

El Moro is a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts. It is one of the most serene sites in California, located at the Crystal Cove State Park. The trail has fantastic views of the ocean and landscape covered with wildflowers, shrubs, grass, and meanders down the hill in a loop design. The hiking trail is approximately five miles, with steep climbs through hills and valleys.

Ensure you bring enough water to keep you hydrated under the scorching sun and a good pair of hiking shoes.

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Explore different neighborhoods

Orange County is best known for stunning beaches, perfect weather, and majestic spaces. But besides that, the city has so many different neighborhoods to explore. Among the county’s best neighborhoods is Arte West in Orange County. The neighborhood offers unique living spaces with distinct interior and architectural features and abundant amenities.

Explore Balboa Island

Balboa Island is a gem located in Newport Beach, California. There is no better way to access the island than using the famous Balboa Island Ferry; it allows you to enjoy an extensive view of the island. The island is also accessible by road.

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Among the notable features of the island is the Balboa Island Museum. A visit to the museum will help you know how the island was made and educate you on the cultural traditions of the communities living on the island.

Another great feature on the island is the Newport harbor. You can explore the harbor by cruising through the calm waters. The harbor is rich in marine life. You may spot humpbacks, dolphins, gray whales, orcas, and blue whales along the cruise.

Lastly, you can visit the Balboa Fun Zone located at the Balboa Village. It is a great family destination with plenty of activities for kids and adults. You can enjoy rides on the Waterfront Ferris Wheel, stroll the bayside boardwalk and play games in the arcade.

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When you visit Orange County, there won’t be any shortage of places for you to go. There is so much to explore and discover, from beaches to stunning landscapes, parks, restaurants, and neighborhoods.



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