As a homeowner, you would want your living space to be designed according to your preferences. A homeowner invests a lot of time, effort, and money into creating the ideal home for themselves, which means they would want this home to last. If you tend to move a lot, it can become difficult to recreate the same level of comfort again and again; however, smart gadgets can make this process relatively easier.

When you have worked so hard on building the right home, you should be able to take certain parts of it along with you when you move. Smart gadgets allow you to add the same level of convenience to your new living space without having to invest all over again. To ensure that you can do this with ease, the best approach would be to get smart gadgets that can be installed and removed easily from your existing home.

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The following are some gadgets that can be moved from one home to another without causing too much hassle.

Google Nest Thermostat

If you’re wondering whether you can move your Nest thermostat to a new home, the answer is yes. This thermostat has many features which can improve your quality of life.

The Google Nest thermostat provides you with regular updates regarding its status. It’s very convenient to receive these updates through the corresponding app on your smartphone; any issues in your home’s heating or cooling system will be reported to you immediately for quick action. This not only prevents excessive repair costs but also protects your home and family from accidents.  One of the most prominent features of this thermostat is System Compatibility; it works with 85% of 24V heating and cooling systems.

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By using the Nest app, your thermostat’s schedule is easily adjustable. You can change the temperature from any room in the house manually, through the app, or even with voice control. If you want a comfortable and ecofriendly home, there’s no better choice than the google Nest thermostat.

Google Nest Audio

This gadget can help you link your smart home together, in the sense that it helps you control it from any room. Google Nest Audio is the virtual assistant missing from your life. It can help you with a variety of tasks throughout the day, simplifying all your virtual tasks and making your days much more productive.

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With the Google Nest Audio, your home can have an impressive sound system. It can play music, videos or even podcasts through different streaming apps. This gadget helps keep track of your smart home, and answers any questions you may have for the internet. From finding the quickest route to work to ordering groceries, the Google Nest Audio will quickly make a permanent place in your home.

This gadget can also help you communicate with your family by making calls or sending messages. All of this can be done with voice control, which means you won’t even have to access your phone for these tasks.

You might be considering drywall installation from if you’re restoring an old home or making your basement into a livable space.

Philips Hue Plugs and Switches

If you’re looking for a good smart home alternative, these gadgets are the right choice for your home. A smart plug is an excellent way to give your existing gadgets smart features, without having to completely replace them. With this little device, you no longer have to invest heavily in expensive smart gadgets – you can simply plug small appliances, such as lamps into your smart plug for a smart-home-like experience.

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When it comes to a smart switch, its functioning is quite similar. This is also a gadget for homeowners who don’t want to fully commit to a smart home. While it won’t give you all the features of a smart gadget, it will allow you to track and control your energy usage much more efficiently. These switches are a helpful addition to any home. A smart switch installs easily into your wall and can be operated like a regular switch, though with a few additional features. There are dimmers controlled through a smartphone app, and it can be removed from the wall to use as a separate remote.

Google Nest Cam – Battery

When moving to a new home, one of your main concerns would understandably be security. Home security is an important step in creating an ideal home, and the Google Nest Cam can assist with that.

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This camera is powered by a battery, which means you won’t have to deal with complex wiring systems when you move. The installation is simple, and the device itself is extremely helpful in ensuring your home’s safety at all times. If you need to monitor any part of your home 24/7, the Google Nest Cam will allow you to do this regardless of the time of day. A security camera can provide you with peace of mind regarding the safety of your home, because you can watch all activity in the surrounding area no matter where you are.

A Long-Term Investment

One of your main goals should be sustainability when creating the perfect home. This home should be in the best possible condition for as long as you live in it. Every element of your home should be considered an investment for the future since you are ensuring the health of your home through these gadgets.

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Cost efficiency, energy-saving, and better time management are only some of the benefits a smart home offers, and these gadgets will allow you to take these benefits with you to your new home.


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