Today, customer experience is everything. And the brand that provides the best experience will dominate the market. The same goes for online purchases and delivery services—from the customer’s clicking of the ‘buy button’ to receiving the product at the doorstep is a sophisticated and continuous experience. Every company is trying to make this experience better every day.


Beyond the website design and shopping cart experience, parcel tracking from the distributor to the door is also an experience. This is achieved when the company has a great shipping solution and inventory management.


Customers want the delivery as fast as possible, and they want it to be trackable. Finally, if the customer wants to return the product, it mustn’t be a problem at all.

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So, what is a shipping solution for eCommerce?

It is an advanced eCommerce shipping software. When retailers find the right fit for their operations, parcel shipping tools will assist with meeting customer experience/expectations, staying competitive, and boosting revenue in the dynamic eCommerce market.


What are the benefits of implementing a suitable eCommerce shipping solution in your organization?

There are several benefits of implementing this software solution in your firm; some of the major benefits are:


It helps find the best carrier service

The software will let you know the best from the available carrier services. It’ll also ensure that you get the service at the lowest price possible. This software is good at classifying and analyzing the market.

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Streamline shipping process

The final goal of the shipper is to deliver the product to the customer on time and keep it safe throughout the shipment process. They have to ensure that the shipping cost is as low as possible and is customizable as per the customers’ preference (shipping options).


Resolving delivering problems and tracking shipments in real-time

The eCommerce shipping solution will offer end-to-end parcel tracking. There are two key benefits for retailers as well.


  • When there is a tracking facility, retailers can monitor the issues that happen throughout the supply channel.
  • The customers can now customize the delivery method and time as per their convenience.
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Can obtain correct invoices and negotiate carrier contracts

Carrier charges are always ambiguous, and there’ll be several hidden costs on the way to delivery as well. When a company uses the software solution, the auditing process is accurate and can identify the excess expenses. When the billing and payment process is updated immediately and available for every party, there will be transparency.


Can make data-driven decisions

When retailers don’t have real-time shipment data in their platform, they cannot understand how factors such as speed of delivery, distance, package size, and density affect products’ transportation.


But, shipping software will enable the retailers to monitor every movement of their package and help the customer to access the location, too—making everything transparent is the best policy in supply chain management.

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There is no doubt that shipping solutions are the way to go forward and make the customer experience better every time they order online.


The software has made the whole process transparent and leaves no room for error, the retailers, shipping company, and the customers can track the package anytime because of this software. Software that has all the features mentioned above will greatly benefit any shipping company and retailer


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