If you are on a trip to a developing country, and you begin to notice some digestive discomfort and nausea, it is a good idea to get back to your hotel room as quickly as possible. There is a good chance you are coming down with Montezuma’s revenge, and if so, you will be happy you are near a toilet. Also known as traveler’s diarrhea, Montezuma’s revenge occurs from eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water.

Symptoms are not fun. Cramps, bloating, gas, explosive diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and nausea are common, and they can last for days. There are various things you can do to recover from this condition. Over the counter remedies and rehydrating correctly help tremendously. You can also read Detoxify mega clean reviews to see how an herbal cleanse can help as well.

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Use OTC Medication To Recover

You can usually recover naturally from Montezuma’s revenge. However, some people find that OTC meds help reduce the symptoms and quicken recovery time. As far as how to get rid of Montezuma’s revenge, an antibiotic usually helps kill the evil bacteria that is causing you to be sick. In some countries, such as Mexico, you do not need a prescription, but in other countries you may.

Some people also like to take an anti-diarrhetic. However, some medical experts may not recommend this option. Diarrhea and vomiting are how the body gets rid of the toxins causing your symptoms, so if you stop those from occurring, they stay in your body. Sometimes it is best to let your body do its thing naturally.

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Consider a Full Body Cleanse

A full body cleanse can help during and after Montezuma’s revenge. While you are experiencing symptoms, something like the Mega Clean detox drink can help the body eliminate toxins more effectively. This detox cleanse is designed to target high levels of toxins, which is what you have with traveler’s diarrhea. Not only does the cleanse help the body flush out toxins, but it also helps hydrate you, which is extremely important.

Once you are feeling better, a full body cleanse is still beneficial. It will eliminate any leftover toxins, continue to rehydrate you, and replenish vitamins and minerals.

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Replenish Your Body with Fluids and Electrolytes

The first priority during and after Montezuma’s revenge is to keep yourself hydrated. You lose lots of fluids, and if you do not replace them, you will get very sick. You also must replace the electrolytes that are lost. There are hydration packets that you can find in pharmacies in most countries, and you just add them to bottled water. You can also add salt to water if you are unable to find hydration solutions.

Drink water throughout your sickness, even when you do not feel like drinking. Avoid sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol. Once you start feeling better, you can also replenish necessary nutrients by eating fruits, vegetables, soups, and plain yogurt. Hopefully you will never experience Montezuma’s revenge, but if you do, these tips should help you feel better fairly quickly.

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