The Power of Artificial Intelligence in E-sports


Despite being new, Esports is still relatively new, but the sector has proliferated in India over the past decade. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the leading technologies that have adversely contributed to this growth. AI is making a significant impact as bookmakers can now benefit from real-time statistics about esports players, teams, and events that inform betting odds and provide context to bettors. Here are more ways in which artificial intelligence is influencing esports today.

Coaching apps for Esports

Esports in India is not all about playing games; it also involves loads of cash. Players can earn a considerable salary and land lucrative sponsorship deals with big companies, i.e., Coca-Cola or Mercedes Benz.

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To earn big in a competitive environment, one needs to work on playing skills by practicing daily. The AI-powered coaching apps assist players by suggesting better strategies to them that will ultimately improve their performance.


A good example is the SenpAI which helps players improve their performance in popular games like Valorant and the League of Legends. The app gives guidance and detailed stats to help players analyze and make better decisions.

Identifying Negative player behavior

It is crucial to acknowledge that esports players are from different backgrounds. Some are very professional and courteous, while others are in an unfavorable emotional state.

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Bearing in mind that many esports leagues have a high difficulty level, this requires the players to have an increased focus. Negative behaviors in one player can affect the other players, and the impact is intensely felt during the complex games.


There are aggressive demands worldwide to eliminate and monitor emotional outbursts and bullying. A Lot of games allow players to report any negative behavior. However, the lack of workforce makes it hard to act on those reports.


That is where the AI comes in, with techniques such as machine learning and natural language that can identify negative player mannerisms and players with an aggressive, emotional state.

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A good example is the GGWP AI system that helps detect abusive behavior among gamers and automatically responds to reports and incidents, making gaming a safe space.


Making virtual reality (VR) games more engaging with the help of artificial intelligence


AI researchers from the University of Bath in the UK are making characters in VR games more exciting and engaging with players. This has been achieved through realistic movements of characters with the help of AI.

The AI has various capabilities such as machine learning and computer vision that can be used to make VR games more exciting. AI and analytics also offer better insights for VR games.

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Transforming Esports betting with AI technology

We continually see significant growth in Esports betting as Esports continues to grow. Esports is very data-intensive, including team ranking, player ranking, game statistics, tournament statistics, etc. This data information and AI work harmoniously and give better insights that help come up with better betting odds, which players to bank on, and teams.


An example of esports technologies recently created an AI-powered “Real-Time Odds Modeling & Simulation system” for esports betting.


Improving the performance of human players with the help of AI opponents

We have already talked about AI helping esports players to better their skills. Some game developers have created hard-to-defeat NPCs which are AI-powered and can be used as AI opponents to give a tough practice session to esports players.

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The example of OpenAIFive consists of 5 neural networks that act intelligently, and human players find it tough to beat. These challenging practice sessions can help esports players improve their performance.


Improving transparency for sponsors in the games industry


Despite the media attention around it, Esports is still relatively new. Esports have considerable growth potential. It needs resources for that growth, and sponsorships are essential. Esports players, game developers, team managers, etc., are keen on getting large sponsorship deals.


Companies that get to sponsor esports desire to increase their sales, and that starts by capturing the attention of the consumers. Their esports strategic plans must align with this fundamental objective of creating an incredible story that will make them decide which players or teams to sponsor. That is where AI comes in to help.

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An AI system will assist esports teams and players in finding the right sponsor and vice versa. This is through the extraction of massive esports datasets with meaningful insights. An example is FanAI, which offers this transparent data to stakeholders for better decision-making.



Undoubtedly, the $1 billion esports industry will continue to grow as it realizes its potential. Sports betting and gambling will continue to produce competitive video games for young and old players. That being said, artificial intelligence will play a vital role in both industries to maintain the best services and prevent fraud. Parimatch is one the leading websites that have incorporated the use of AI to make your gaming experience flawless. Have you tried it?

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