When they wish to trip or enjoy a microdose, all shroom enthusiasts must keep their favourite magic mushrooms on hand. Or they could have collected a bunch of shrooms after waiting a month or two. As a result, they’ll have to store them.


However, like all perishable goods, shrooms don’t last forever. They can go bad in a few days when you do not know how to store them properly.


But don’t worry. You’re in luck, as we will elaborate on ways you can keep your mushroom.


What is Magic Mushroom?


Magic mushroom is a fungus that naturally produces a hallucinogenic compound. The active ingredients psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin alter a person’s perception causing them to hallucinate, change perception, etc.

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Psilocybin is naturally higher in a mushroom as compared to psilocin. Most researchers utilize the psilocybin component when working on their studies. But once it enters the body, the compound breaks down to the psychoactive form psilocin.


The latter will now cause the hallucinations that a person will get from eating mushrooms. The more you ingest, the more that the experience intensifies.


But of course, just because the compound is stable doesn’t mean it won’t degenerate in time. So, shrooms do have a shelf life.


How Long Do Shrooms Last?


Since users take their stash differently, the shelf-life depends on the form of the mushroom. It also depends on how they are stored.

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Fresh shrooms are easy to degrade when not stored properly. You’ll need to place them in a brown bag and store them in the refrigerator. So, how long do mushrooms last in the fridge? Fresh shrooms last for ten days; that’s the maximum number of days you can keep them in that state.

Since the it has no moisture, you do not need to worry about them rotting faster. However, it still needs to be stored correctly.


When stored in a non-airtight container, dried shroom can last for three months. When vacuum-sealed bags with an oxygen absorber and desiccant are used, it can last for a year or two. The goal here is to avoid contact with air/oxygen.

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When a shroom goes terrible or loses its potency, it can be due to light, oxygen, heat, and mould. So, make sure to keep these factors away from your shrooms.


How to Store Them


Mason Jar


Using a mason jar is the easiest and least expensive because you can buy them for only a few dollars. They are to form an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from entering your container and delays the oxidation that would otherwise reduce the strength.

For the most excellent results, Mason jars should be in a cool, dry, dark location, like a cellar or cabinet. With this technique, you can often store items for around six months without any discernible potency loss. They will begin to lose their potency after this.

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By the end of a year, the mushrooms should still be functional, but their potency will have significantly decreased.




A Ziplock bag can remove most of the air before sealing it. As a result, less oxygen will be present within, potentially harming them and reducing their effectiveness.


Ziplock bags have the drawback that they occasionally leak. The shelf-life can be significantly shortened if you don’t tightly seal the bags. You can put them in a ziplock bag and then place them inside a mason jar to preserve them better.


Vacuum Sealed Bags


You can try a vacuum-sealed bag. The bag is then sealed with heat once all the air has been squeezed out of it. It won’t leak and shields the it from humidity and oxygen.

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You can add oxygen absorbent packs and desiccants to reduce humidity and oxygen. You can keep your sealed bags in the fridge or freezer. However, avoid taking them in and out constantly.


It is possible to keep your shrooms fresh and maintain their potency. Hence, it is crucial to consider the state of your shroom when storing them.


Freeze Dried Magic Mushrooms: Is it Possible?


Most dry magic mushrooms are stored in a sealed and dried container. They shouldn’t absorb any moisture to prevent growing mould.


But can you freeze magic mushrooms? How long can you freeze them?

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Yes, it is possible to freeze dry them. They can last for years when vacuum-sealed in a bag and placed in the freezer.


How Long can The Products Last?


As for chocolates, gummies, and capsules, they can last longer than fresh shrooms. You can wrap shroom chocolate in foil and store them in airtight containers. It will last for 6 to 18 months.


Meanwhile, capsules can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry, and dark location. Desiccants and oxygen absorbers can be added. Capsules can be stored for up to a year or two without losing efficacy.

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Store Them Well

Keeping your shrooms fresh and potency intact is crucial to enjoying a safe and effective trip. By storing them correctly, depending on the state, you can have a stash of magic mushrooms that will last you for a year or two.



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