Creating a successful store layout design doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do something that has never been done before. In fact, by implementing a few successful store layout design ideas that have been used in the past, you can actually make your store more comfortable. Instead of following the latest trends, examine some of these classic store layout designs that will allow you to make the most of every inch of available space in your store to encourage your customers to browse, increase their emotional connection to your store, and develop more effective displays that will cause your items to sell better. Share useful tips on live streaming platforms such as Twitch and get the chance to interact with your audience in real-time. If you wish to have a stronger digital presence, buy twitch viewers.

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8 successful store layout design ideas :

  1. Seating Builds Sales

People don’t just come to your store because they’re planning to buy something. While the cartoon of a patient husband waiting for his wife to finish shopping is a running joke, it also has some truth in it. By offering a place for companions to sit, the shopper can go through the store at their leisure knowing that the person they’re with is perfectly comfortable. This raises the odds that the shopper will make a successful purchase with your store. Not only that, your customers may need a place to sit and rest while they’re browsing. Elderly and handicapped individuals, pregnant women, and people who are feeling under the weather may all need a break throughout the course of their shopping experience, and a seating area makes that possible for them.

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seating builds sales



  1. Accent Walls

You’ve seen the beautiful effect an accent wall creates in home décor, but have you ever considered utilizing it for your store? An accent wall is a great way to draw attention to a specific location within the store. This is the perfect place to highlight specific high-margin items that you want customers to notice, all on a comparatively low budget. Using different textures and patterns on this wall will also encourage customers to take note of the items in that area. Make sure that you use your accent wall effectively: present customers with items that you particularly want them to note, from seasonal sale items to special items that have just been placed on sale or that have recently been released.

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accent walls for attractive stores



  1. Lighting Options

Changing your lighting allows you to customize each area of your store with minimal effort. From making specific top-selling items stand out to changing the mood of a particular area within the store, using a variety of lighting combinations can change the way customers view certain pieces of merchandise or how likely they are to enter a given area of the store. Lighting can be the difference between a nook that stands out and one that fades into the background, encouraging customers to take a second look at a particular item or make your entire store look brighter.

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Use Lighting in your Favor

  1. Mixing Up Your Floor Plan

A classic U-shaped floor plan is not your only option for creating an effective store space that encourages customers to browse. Actually, a mixed layout frequently achieves better results! Use a combination of curved and straight displays to take full advantage of every square foot of available floor space. By mixing things up, you can change the way customers approach your merchandise, raise the odds that they’ll take note of certain items, or even change the way customers proceed through your store.


mixing up your floor plan



  1. Create a Recognizable Path
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Your customers want to know how they’re supposed to walk through your store. Not only that, you want customers to take a specific path through the store, from encouraging them to move all the way through your displays by placing items at the back of the store to guiding them to check out items similar to the ones they’re purchasing by placing similar items together. Make the path you expect your customers to make clear. When possible, avoid creating areas that stray from the path if you want customers to take note of them. Keep in mind that your displays tell a story as your customers visit each one, so make sure that your displays tell the story you want them to take in.

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create a recognizable path in your store



  1. Invite Customers In

Your storefront is the first opportunity you have to engage with your customers and the best way to catch their attention as they’re walking by. Make sure that it looks inviting from the moment they first look at it. Include merchandise that will be sure to catch their attention, take advantage of available space to highlight key items, and make your store look like a place customers will want to browse.


invite customers into your store



  1. Grouping Matters

Grouping similar items together does more than just creating a great visual effect. It also lets customers know how to find the items they’re looking for, from allowing them to choose accessories that go with their purchase to making it easy to guess where they might find a specific item.

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product merchandising

  1. The Checkout Counter

We might often forget that a good checkout experience is just as important to a physical store as its layout. For all the work that goes into a good store, if customers just end up in long queues, it beats the experience thus far.


A good POS system can help you make the checkout process smoother. It holds all consumer data in one place for a more personal experience, too. We also recommend doing away with checkout lines entirely- you can use Primaseller’s iPad POS to let customers checkout from anywhere in the store. Read more here.


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These design principles aren’t just classic. They’re also tried and true solutions that will allow you to create layouts and designs that will successfully speak to your customers. By utilizing these key design tips, you can make your store more inviting and increase the odds that your customers will keep coming back to your store for all of their needs.


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