Computer gaming is different from console gaming; a boost in FPS and improvement in user experience will give you what you deserve as an avid gamer. You need to try everything from optimizing the storage to increasing the frame rate to upgrading the RAM to tweaking game settings and more. Along with these technical and system requirements, you will need some other things as well to upgrade your game. For instance, MTG Arena players choose Instant delivery of MTG Arena codes from MTGA Codes Webstore so they can level up their game.

Let’s start from the basics.

Update Graphics Cards for Precision

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Having a dedicated graphics card will give you a richer gaming experience. Not all users opt for buying a graphics card as they believe that the in-built one would be sufficient to serve the purpose. A dedicated enhancement will take the load off the CPU when it comes to graphical processing and help in freeing up the system memory.

It provides an enhanced video and graphics experience so you can play high-end games in high-definition. Updating the graphics card allows for improved driver support as the manufacturer releases driver updates for the GPUs to keep them aligned with the latest OS and games. This will eventually result in improving the overall gaming.

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Optimize Storage Space for Performance

Whether or not you are using a gaming laptop, you would need more storage space. Your computer must be housing dozens of unnecessary applications and programs that are no longer useful. Some of these apps might have turned redundant, while others are of no use to you or anyone using the same computer.

If you are skeptical about locating these apps by taking a tour of the items stored on your computer, you can find a storage guide here. Thoroughly check the storage on your macOS or Windows computer and delete such apps immediately. This will help you to reclaim storage space while enabling you to download high-end games on the computer.

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Tweak In-Game Options for Accessibility

Every game comes with specific configuration settings, and you should learn them to be able to make the most out of the game. Understanding these settings can make a noticeable difference. You would never mind losing several pixels to get a more precise experience with those left on the screen for a smoother experience.

If you are playing your favorite game on Windows computers, you can navigate to the Advanced Graphics section under Graphics in the Settings. From there, you can configure multiple settings such as deciding the refresh rate, maximizing screen resolution, tweaking shadow settings, and more.

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Stop Background Processes for Speed

Your computer, whether Windows or macOS, must be running dozens of applications in the background unnecessarily. These apps keep eating up system resources, making them scarce for important apps, due to which you experience slowdowns. Most of the background apps are high-end processes that are not adding any potential benefit to your computer.

Identify these apps by navigating to the Activity Monitor in macOS and Task Manager in Windows. Highlight the apps that are consuming maximum system resources such as CPU power, memory, and more. Quit them right away to speed up your computer. The resources these apps consume are released immediately and can be used for other tasks such as gaming. Restart your app to enable other apps to reclaim system resources.

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Connect via Ethernet for Faster WiFi

If you are playing a multiplayer game and facing internet slowdown or stuttering, or a sudden drop in connectivity, you need to check your internet. A wired connection is a quick solution in this case. Connect the computer to the router via ethernet cable to speed up the internet and combat any slowdowns while gaming.

A wired connection provides better internet speed than a wireless connection. If a wired connection is not possible, you can bring your computer closer to the router and try if the speed improves. Minimizing the distance between the computer and the network device can help remove any unseen obstacles and interruptions.

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Tweak Display & Mouse Settings for Control

Having a high-end monitor with a higher resolution doesn’t make sense until you tweak your operating system settings. Configuring your computer settings will enable you to use the gaming features to the best and achieve a better experience. You will get smoother gameplay by navigating to the Advanced Display Settings and bringing the Refresh Rate to higher levels.

You can also control how your mouse moves on the computer screen to optimize your gaming. You can tweak Pointer Precision or Mouse Acceleration to set your mouse to move farther when you move it a bit faster. You can also connect a wireless keyboard and a mouse with adjustable DPI to control in-game sensitivity.

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Install an SSD & Upgrade RAM for Experience

We earlier discussed optimizing storage by clearing the unnecessary applications and other items from the computer. Alternatively, you can replace the hard drive with an SSD (solid-state drive) for faster data processing. Installing an SSD will give a boost to your computer performance speeding up the gaming functions and activities.

In addition to replacing the storage media with an SSD, you can also upgrade memory for an optimal gaming experience. Your computer gets more power to work with, which helps to accelerate the processes. By upgrading the RAM, you also optimize your computer for high-end multitasking without experiencing performance lags.


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